Infill News – Jan 2017

What’s new? Infill is certainly a topic that can be quite controversial. Older neighbourhoods need to look to the future of building in the city to stay relevant and attractive to new homeowners/builders, while still maintaining the character that draws people to mature neighbourhoods.

While many feel the city is rushing through the infill process, there has been much progress in dealing with many of the issues raised since infills starting popping up in neighbourhoods.

Some of the guidelines the city has brought about in the last year include a requirement that building permits be displayed and in the spring, City Council directed city staff to create an inspection and enforcement team to perform routine inspections at infill sites.

One positive of infills is the increase in population in our neighbourhoods. While some may wish that this not happen, those who are working to keep our communities strong, and our schools open, want to make sure we can monitor the process and work with the city and developers to improve the experience.

In August 2016, the City of Edmonton launched an Infill Liaison Team – the role of the team is to advance City’s infill conversations through outreach and education, coordinate internal infill work, analyze issues and complaints, serve as a point of contact for infill questions and support ongoing policy development.

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