Space for Students in Mature Communities

by – Rosslyn Cluster

Early in 2016, the Edmonton Public School Board announced that the future of 7 schools in the Rosslyn Cluster needed to be decided and the communities were invited for public consultation and online surveys.

From those initial meetings, a Working Committee was formed with the City of Edmonton partners, made up of school principals, central staff, parent representatives and community representatives. The working committee are acting as an advisor body in the development of the school concepts to be presented for public consultation,  tentatively scheduled for spring 2017.

The working committee has met several times this fall; most recently a 4-hour planning session on December 16. What we are currently looking at is location of schools, new builds vs. modernizing of an existing building, grade configurations and traffic corridors.

The next step will be working towards a “wish list” of what the schools could include.

All information regarding this process is available at the Edmonton Public Schools website: look to and all the information regarding the Rosslyn cluster is included.

As a member of the community, the decision about schools DOES have an impact on you, your property value and the community life of the neighbourhood.

Please email if you have concerns, questions or comments.

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