Due to COVID-19 and our Social Director stepping down from the Executive Board, we are unable to ensure that we would be able to create an event that we would feel comfortable ensuring the health and safety of all the little witches, sorcerers, ghosts, and ghouls.

With that in mind, we have decided to do our 2nd Annual Kensington Halloween Trick or Treat Map to connect those giving out Halloween treats with those witches, sorcerers, ghosts, and ghouls who are looking for treats. As an extra BONUS, we are having our 1st Best Decorated Halloween House Contest!

To enter or nominate Best Decorated Halloween House Contest just fill out our online form below.

Make sure to send in your address using the 2nd form below to be added to the Kensington Halloween Trick-or-Treat Map. To view the live Trick-or-Treat map, please visit Facebook.com/groups/KensingtonConnect