Progress Update

Thanks to everyone completing our Park Renewal Surveys, our Strategic Project Document was approved by the City of Edmonton. We provided the $5,000 deposit to proceed to the Concept Phase. A project manager was assigned along with a Landscape Architect that is very excited about the project! All like mature trees.

Except in a tiny area, the concrete curbing is in good shape. We will be keeping the very popular spinning piece. It will be worked into a new play design, and it is to be determined if the swings are in good shape. To the southeast of the playground is a tree that must have decided early on its purpose in life for children to learn how to climb a tree.

There will be some trimming of trees and shrubs in the southwest part of the park to improve sightlines.

Pour in place surfacing, similar to the spray deck surfacing, will replace sand except for a small area beside a tree with engineered wood fibre around it. Pour in place has the advantage of accessibility, and it is possible to incorporate play with the design of the surfacing. While specific grants fund the recycled aspect of the pour in place, this decision requires a more significant commitment to fundraising.

Working with the City of Edmonton representatives, the committee was also tasked with determining the location of a pathway. To the south of the playground, the spacing between the trees allows for a natural path. In the surveys, there were requests for an accessible wide path. In keeping with many expressing the desire for a nature-themed park, the path will have a granular surface.

Space is permitted for a loop in the path where boulders will be placed for climbing and sitting on and an area for the planning of saskatoons and raspberries. There will be a ground cover on either side of the trail to keep the site neat. Three individual picnic tables will be placed outside of the loop. The collaboration has resulted in the Concept Plan for the proposed Kensington Park. To enable the Committee to further work with the City of Edmonton representatives, public engagement is required to build awareness and seek general support for the Concept Plan. Then we can move on to the next phase of looking at playground equipment for a Preliminary Design. Open Houses will be held as the work of the Park Redevelopment Committee continues.

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